La néphrolithiase dans un poste de consultation externe de néphrologie à Ouagadougou

Auteurs : Coulibaly G, Zoungrana WR, Sapo CWW, Lengani A – Burkina Faso
Publié dans Médecine d’Afrique Noire 5810 – Octobre 2011 – pages 461-466


Introduction: Nephrolithiasis is a common reason for consultation.
Aim: To identify frequent recurrence « classic » factors in our patients, we performed a retrospective study over 29 months in a nephrology consultation post in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).
Patients and methods: Were included consultants in whom at least one kidney stone was found on ultrasonography.
Results: We have registered 77 cases of nephrolithiasis (10.5% of new patients in the period) of mean age 36 ± 13 years, divided into 58.4% of men and 41.6% women. The lumbar pain was reported in 85.7% of cases. We noted the following laboratory abnormalities: hypocalcemia (23.7%), hyperuricemia (13% women and 27.8% men), hyponatremia (38.6%), renal failure (10.9%), natriuresis more than 100 mmol/24 hours (9 out of 18), hyperuricosuria (2 cases out of 16). Crystals were found in urine in seven cases out of 57. Urinary germs identified were mainly Escherichia coli (five cases) and Staphylococcus sp (four cases).The calculi were localized in the left kidney (71.4% of patients), the right kidney (62.3%) or both (33.8%).
Conclusion: Our study has shown that nephrolithiasis is common and that « hypernatriuria » appears to be the main « classic » factor of recurrence in our patients. They should reduce their salt intake.


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