Taking care of the mandibular’s fractures in CHU-YO.

OBJECTIVES: This study aimed at to contribute to the improvement of the treatment of the mandibular’s fractures in CHU-YO (Burkina Faso)
SAMPLE AND METHOD: It was about a retrospective study on the patients that have presented a mandibular fracture and have been taken in charge in CHU-YO, from the 1st January 2003 to December 31, 2007. The data were collected on the base of the clinical files of hospitalizations, the registers of emergencies, the registers of hospitalizations, the registers of CRO and the consultation’s cards during this period.
RESULTS: In our study, 183 cases of mandibular fractures were gathered in the service of stomatology and maxillo-facial surgery of the CHU – YO. These mandibular fractures were relatively frequent with an average of 36,6 cases/year. The age bracket from 16 to 30 years was the most concerned (45,36%) with an average age of (28,83 years). The male predominance was clear (87%). The majority of the patients came from the urban area (69%) and was primarily referred or transferred from a CHU (59,60%). The AVP were the largest providers of mandibular fractures (74,90%). the unifocals fractures were prevalent (63,38%) and the elective siege was the cog portion (69%). These fractures has been majorly treated on an orthopedic way (81,42%). The medical treatment was primarily made up of antibiotics, analgesics, anti-oedematous and disinfectants. The evolution was good in 85% of the cases. The suppurations (25%) and the articulated dental troubles (28,57%) dominated in the complications and after-effects.
CONCLUSION: The decrease of the AVP, which one requires a consequent road prevention, would undoubtedly contribute to reduce the incidence of the mandibular’s fractures. The reinforcement of the technical tray of the unit of stomatology and maxillo-facial surgery, the interdisciplinary collaboration, the improvement of the medical regulations and the rate/rhythm of followed patients and the installation by the State of a system of medical care by the social security would more improve the treatment of the patients in CHU-YO.

AUTHOR: Dr. ILI Biévianda Vincent



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Classé dans Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale

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